Zi Su Ye – Perilla Leaf – Folium Perillae

Zi Su Ye

English Name: perilla leaf

Pharmaceutical name: Folium Perillae

Medica Category: Wind-Cold Releasing Herbs

Properties: Zi Su Ye enters the Lung and Spleen channels; it is acrid in nature and warm in temperature.

What is Zi Su Ye?:

The Chinese Herb Zi Su Ye is the leaf of the annual herbal plant in the mint family Perilla frutescens (l.) Britton (also commonly known as perilla, beefsteak plant, or shiso) native to large parts of Asia.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Zi Su Ye:

Zi Su Ye releases the exterior and dispels cold pathogens. It is also used to treat chest congestion, nausea, and vomiting due to qi and phlegm stagnation in the spleen and stomach.

It is also used in TCM to regulate qi during pregnancy to treat morning sickness and calm the fetus.

Zi Su Ye is also used by itself (or with fresh ginger (Sheng Jiang)) to treat seafood poisoning.