Zhong Ru Shi – Stalactite (Tips) – Stalactitum

Zhong Ru Shi

English Name: stalactitum, stalactitie tips

Pharmaceutical Name: Stalactitum

Medica Category: Cough- and Wheezing- Relieving Herbs

Properties: Zhong Ru Shi enters the Lung, Kidney, and Stomach channels; it is sweet in nature and warm in temperature.

What is Zhong Ru Shi?:

The Chinese Herb Zhong Ru Shi is calcite mineral that comes from the tips of tubular stalactites, which are often calcined (before being decocted) in order to warm its nature and improve its function to relieve respiratory disorders.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Zhong Ru Shi:

Zhong Ru Shi warms the Lung to stop cough and relieve wheezing in cases characterized by cold (e.g. cough and wheezing with the production of white phlegm).

Zhong Ru Shi tonifies Kidney yang to address cases of wheezing with difficulty on the inhalation—in TCM, we say that the Kidney is too deficient to grasp the Lung qi downwards… hence the difficulty in drawing a breath. Other signs of Kidney yang deficiency are also addressed by Zhong Ru Shi (to include fatigue, spermatorrhea, impotence, waking frequently at night to urinate, and coldness and pain in the lower back and feet.

Zhong Ru Shi tonifies the stomach to promote lactation and milk production.