Zao Jiao Ci – Chinese Honey Locust Spine – Spina Gleditsae

Zao Jiao Ci

English Name: gleditsia spine, Chinese honey locust spine

Literal Translation: “soap thorn spine”

Pharmaceutical Name: Spina Gleditsiae

Medica Category: Phlegm-Resolving Herbs

Properties: Zao Jiao Ci enters the Liver and Stomach channels; it is acrid in nature and warm in temperature.

What is Zao Jiao Ci?:

The Chinese Herb is the spines from the Chinese honey locust tree (Gleditsia sinensis Lam.) that are dried and decocted or ground into powder for use as medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Zao Jiao Ci:

Zao Jiao Ci clears toxins, drains pus, and reduces swelling and is commonly used in the early stages of sores to encourage their suppuration (the forming of pus) and/or to help drain them of pus. Once the sores have ulcerated, however, this herb should not be used.

–safety notes:

Contraindicated during pregnancy.

Contraindicated after sores have ruptures/ulcerated.