Shan Pu Tao – Viticis – Radix Vitis Amurensis

Shan Pu Tao

English Name: viticis, amur grape

Literal Translation: “mountain grape”

Pharmaceutical Name: Radix Vitis Amurensis

Medica Category: Water-Regulating and Damp-Resolving Herbs

Properties: Shan Pu Tao enters the Lung, Liver, and Kidney channels; it is sweet in nature and cold in temperature.

What is Shan Pu Tao?:

The Chinese Herb Shan Pu Tao is the dried roots of the amur grape (Vitis amurensis; Vitis adstricta), a cold-resistant species of grape native to the northern (and or mountainous) climes of Russia and China.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Shan Pu Tao:

Shan Pu Tao dispels accumulations of water to address various clinical expressions of edema.

Shan Pu Tao enters the Liver channels to address conditions of the eye related to excess, such as conjunctivitis. The fresh juice of Shan Pu Tao can be used as eye drops to address cataracts.