Pu Gong Ying – Asian Dandelion – Herba Taraxaci

Pu Gong Ying

English Name: (Asian) dandelion

Pharmaceutical name: Herba Taraxaci

Medica Category: Heat-Clearing and Toxin-Eliminating Herbs

Properties: Pu Gong Ying enters the Liver and Stomach channels. It is bitter and sweet in nature and cold in temperature.

What is Pu Gong Ying?:

Pu Gong Ying (Taraxacum mongolicum) is dried Asian dandelion (all parts of the plant).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Pu Gong Ying:

Pu Gong Ying clears heat and removes toxins from either the interior of the exterior of the body depending on the herbs with which it is combined in formula to address such conditions as skin abscesses (with redness and swelling), breast lumps, and sore throat w/swollen glands.

Pu Gong Ying directly enters the liver channel and assists the Liver in cleaning the lymph fluid. This makes Pu Gong Ying a helpful adjunct to other anti-viral formulas.