Po Bu Zi Ye – Sebastan Plum Cordia – Folium Cordia Dichotoma

Po Bu Zi Ye

English Name: sebastan plum cordia leaf

Literal Translation: “leaves from broken fabric”

Pharmaceutical Name: Folium Cordia Dichotoma

Medica Category: Qi-Regulating Herbs

Properties: Po Bu Zi Ye enters the Liver, Kidney and Stomach channels; it is bitter and slightly astringent in nature and cool in temperature.  

What is Po Bu Zi Ye?:

The Chinese Herb Po Bu Zi Ye is dried leaves from a species of tree that produces fruits (found in Asian and Indian markets) called fragrant manjack (Cordia dichotoma Forst. F.). This particular species of deciduous tree is native to wide swaths of East Asia, from South and Southeast China through Taiwan and the Ryuku Islands in Japan and on into Myanmar and India. All parts of tree have uses in many varied traditional medicinal systems throughout this region; its actions in TCM theory are noted below.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Po Bu Zi Ye:

Po Bu Zi Ye regulates qi and relieves pain and is most often used to treat the pain and inflammation associated with bone spurs; while long-term resolution of the pain (with 6 months of treatment) is experienced 20-30% of the time, others may receive immediate but temporary symptomatic relief (according to Chen & Chen, p. 490).