Mei Gui Hua – Chinese Rose – Flos Rosae Rugosae

Mei Gui Hua

English Name: rugosa rose, young flower of the Chinese rose

Pharmaceutical Name: Flos Rosae Rugosae

Medica Category: Qi-Regulating Herbs

Properties: Mei Gui Hua enters the Liver and Spleen channels; it is sweet in nature and neutral in temperature.

What is Mei Gui Hua?:

The Chinese Herb Mei Gui Hua is the young flower of a deciduous shrub that grows wild in cooler climes and dry soils of Northern China, Korea, Japan, and Eastern Russia (Rosa Rugosa Thunb.). It blooms primarily from April through to mid-summer with white or pink 5-petaled blossoms. The buds are harvested and then dried for use as medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Mei Gui Hua:

Mei Gui Hua is a mild qi-regulator that promotes the movement of qi and relieves constraint. It is used to harmonize the Liver-Spleen relationship when it is out of balance, with such clinical presentations as: stifiling sensations in the chest, abdominal bloating, flank/epigastric pain, irregular menses, and breast tenderness (usually as an assistant as its actions are gentle and subtle).