Luo Shi Teng – Star Jasmine Vine – Caulis Trachelospermi

Luo Shi Teng

English Name: star jasmine vine

Pharmaceutical Name: Caulis Trachelospermi

Medica Category: Wind Damp Dispelling Herbs – Channel and Collateral Opening Herbs

Properties: Luo Shi Teng enters the Heart and Liver channels; it is bitter in nature and cool in temperature.

What is Luo Shi Teng?:

The Chinese Herb Luo Shi Teng is the dried caulis of the star jasmine vine (Trachelospermum jasminoides (Lindl.) Lem), a woody vine native to Southeastern China and Japan that blooms with white, fragrant flowers in the late spring. The caulis itself is harvested in the winter, dried, and cut into pieces for use as medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Luo Shi Teng:

Luo Shi Teng dispels wind, dries dampness, and opens collaterals to treat bi zheng (painful obstruction syndrome) with heat that presents with redness and swelling. It is also helpful to address bi zheng conditions that involve pain and/or stiffness in the sinews.