Lu Jiao – Deer Horn – Cornu Cervi

Lu Jiao

English Name: deer horn

Pharmaceutical Name: Cornu Cervi

Medica Category: Yang-Tonifying Herbs

Properties: Lu Jiao enters the Kidney and Liver channels; it is salty in nature and warm in temperature.

What is Lu Jiao?:

The Chinese Herb Lu Jiao powdered or sliced deer horn is derived from the antlers of the mature male Sika deer (aka spotted or Japanese deer- Cervus nippon Temmiinck) or the mature male red deer (aka elk—Cervus elaphus L.).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Lu Jiao:

Lu Jiao tonifies Kidney yang. It is often used as a substitute for Lu Rong (deer antler velvet) because it is much less expensive); however it is also substantially weaker in this action than Lu Rong. That being said, Lu Jiao is appropriate for such clinical presentations as uterine bleeding, clear/watery leukorrhea, diarrhea, and poor appetite caused by yang deficiency of the Kidney, Spleen, and ren (conception) and chong (thoroughfare) channels.

Lu Jiao invigorates blood circulation and break blood stasis to treat pain in the joints and in the lower back pain (that has Kidney deficiency at its root). It can also be made into a paste and used topically to address sores, swellings, and abscesses caused by blood stagnation.

–safety/clinical notes:

Contraindicated for yin-deficient heat, phlegm-heat in the Lung, Stomach fire, or any other kind of excess or stagnation caused by heat.

Contraindicated for those with bleeding due to yin deficiency fire