Han Shui Shi – Mirabilite Crystal – Mirabilite

Han Shui Shi

English Name: mirabilite crystal

Literal Translation: “cold water stone”

Pharmaceutical Name: Mirabilite

Medica Category: Heat-Clearing and Fire-Purging Herbs

Properties: Han Shui Sui enters the Stomach and Kidney channels; it is salty in nature and very cold in temperature.

What is Han Shui Shi?:

The Chinese Herb Han Shui Shi is the precipitate that is formed when a saturated solution of sodium sulfate (Mang Xiao) is cooled to below room temperature.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Han Shui Shi:

Han Shui Shi clears (Stomach) heat form the qi and xue levels of the body, a condition characterized by very high fever, profuse perspiration, and extreme thirst. It is also used topically to clear heat from burns, sores with heat/fire components, and infections of the eyes (w/inflammation).