Hai Piao Xiao – Cuttlefish Bone – Endoconcha Sepiae

Hai Piao Xiao

English Name: cuttlefish bone

Pharmaceutical Name: Endoconcha Sepiae

Medica Category: Astringent Herbs

Properties: Hai Piao Xiao enters the Liver and Kidney channels; it is salty and astringent in nature and slightly warm in temperature.

What is Hai Piao Xiao?:

The Chinese Herb Hai Piao Xiao is the inner shell of two species of cuttlefish found in coastal waters off China (Sepiella maindroni de Rochebrune.; S. esculenta Hoyle.).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Hai Piao Xiao:

Hai Piao Xiao is astringent in nature and stops bleeding that is caused by qi deficiency (i.e. the Spleen’s inability to hold the blood in the vessels). Clinical indications for use of this herb include hematemesis, uterine bleeding, hematochezia, and bleeding in the Lungs.

Hai Piao Xiao consolidates jing (essence) and is most often used clinically in the regard to address profuse white, red, or clear leukorrhea. It can also be a good additive to a formula to address spermatorrhea and nocturnal emissions.

Hai Piao Xiao neutralizes stomach acid to address stomach pain with acid regurgitation, belching (with bad odor), and other signs of epigastric/duodenal ulcers and gastritis.

Hai Piao Xiao resolves dampness and promotes healing and is used externally to reduce secretions and generate new flesh in persons presenting with chronic, non-healing sores, ulcers, or damp rashes.

–safety/clinical notes:

Use with caution in persons presenting with yin deficient heat.