Hai Fu Rong – Limonium – Herba Limonium Wrightii

Hai Fu Rong

English Name: limonium

Pharmaceutical Name: Herba Limonium Wrightii

Medica Category: Wind Damp Dispelling Herbs – Pain Relieving Herbs

Properties: Hai Fu Rong enters the Liver and Kidney channels; it is acrid and bitter in nature and cold in temperature.

What is Hai Fu Rong?:

The Chinese Herb Hai Fu Rong is the dried aerial parts of a particular species of limonium (Limonium wrightii (Hance) O. Ktze var. luteum (Hara)), a small, shrublike herb with pale purple flowers that bloom in the late summer. Limonium wrightii is in the Plumbaginaceae (leadwort) family and is native to Taiwan.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Hai Fu Rong:

Hai Fu Rong dispels wind and dampness and treats bi zheng (painful obstruction syndrome) caused by heat and is useful to relieve pain and stiffness in the joints that presents with redness, burning, and swelling. This herb is also used clinically to treat arthritis, neuralgia, and pain and swelling associated with traumatic injury.

Hai Fu Rong lowers blood pressure and is used in China to treat hypertension (w/Hai Fu Rong and Xia Ku Cao).