Guan Zhong – Dryopteris Root – Rhizoma Dryopteridis

Guan Zhong

English Name: dryopteris root, cyrtomium, holly fern, shield fern, wood fern

Literal Translation: “link the multitude”

Pharmaceutical Name: Rhizoma Dryopteris

Medica Category: Anti-parasitic Herbs

Properties: Guan Zhong enters the Liver and Spleen channels; it is bitter in nature and cool in temperature.

What is Guan Zhong?:

The Chinese Herb Guan Zhong is the dried roots of Dryopteris crassirhizoma (Nakai) and several others, member of a family of wood ferns native to cool, semi-damp regions of China, Japan, and Korea. The roots are dried and used for medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Guan Zhong:

Guan Zhong is an anti-parasitic herb used in formula to kill parasites such as hookworm, ringworm, and pinworm.

Guan Zhong clears heat-toxins and is considered to prevent/address viral and bacterial infections. Often used clinically (in formula) to address colds and flu, parotitis (swollen glands), and infectious bronchitis.

Guan Zhong (charred) stops bleeding and clears heat. It can be used to address hematemesis, epistaxis, post-partum bleeding, and uterine bleeding.

–safety notes:

Contraindicated for use in infants and with those who have weak constitutions.