Fu Hai Shi – Pumice – Pumice

Fu Hai Shi

English Name: pumice, costaziae skeleton

Pharmaceutical Name: Pumice

Medica Category: Phlegm-Resolving Herbs

Properties: Fu Hai Shi enters the Lung channel; it is salty in nature and cold in temperature.

What is Fu Hai Shi?:

The Chinese Herb Fu Hai Shi is the fossilized skeletal remains of a tiny marine animal known as costaziae (Costazia aculeata Canu et. Bassler). This medicinal substance (Fu Hai Shi) bears the common name “pumice” but is not be confused with the volcanic rock by the same name.

For medicinal use Fu Hai Shi is either decocted or ground up for use as pills or powder.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Fu Hai Shi:

Fu Hai Shi clears the Lung and dissolves phlegm and is most commonly used to treat cough with chronic, stubborn accumulations of phlegm that is forming clumps that are difficult to expectorate (often with blood-streaked sputum).

Fu Hai Shi softens hardness and dissipates nodules to address scrofula and thyroid nodules.

Fu Hai Shi promotes urination by unblocking the upper source for water (i.e. dissolving phlegm in the Lung) to treat xue lin (bloody dysuria) and shi lin (stone dysuria).