E Bu Shi Cao – Centipeda Herb – Herba Centipedae

E Bu Shi Cao

English Name: centipeda herb

Pharmaceutical name: Herba Centipedae

Medica Category: Wind-Cold Releasing Herbs

Properties: E Bu Shi Cao enters the Lung and Liver channels; it is acrid ain nature and warm in temperature.

What is E Bu Shi Cao?:

The Chinese Herb E Bu Shi Cao is dried, unprocessed above ground parts of the plant Centipedia Minima.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of E Bu Shi Cao:

E Bu Shi Cao opens nasal orifices and is used to address rhinitis, sinus polyps, and nasal obstruction.

E Bu Shi Cao removes superficial visual obstructions and treats cataracts.

E Bu Chi Shao can be used topically to treat swelling and inflammation in traumatic injuries; boiled to a paste it can be applied to the cheeks to treat toothache.