Dong Kui Zi – Malva – Semen Malvae

Dong Kui Zi

English Name: malva, Chinese mallow seed, cluster mallow seed

Pharmaceutical Name: Semen Malvae

Medica Category: Water-Regulating and Damp-Resolving Herbs

Properties: Dong Kui Zi enters the Urinary Bladder, Large Intestine, and Small Intestine channels; it is sweet in nature and cold in temperature.

What is Dong Kui Zi?:

The Chinese Herb Dong Kui Zi is the seed of the Chinese or cluster mallow (Malva Verticillata L.), a flowering tree in the mallow family (Malvacae) that grows throughout the tropical and sub-tropical forests of East Asia. The seeds are harvested from ripened fruit that has been gathered and sun-dried. These seeds are pounded into powder for use as medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Dong Kui Zi:

Dong Kui Zi regulates water circulation to promote normal urination (i.e. it treats lin zheng (dysuria syndrome and edema).

Dong Kui Zi promotes lactation in postpartum women who are experiencing insufficient lactations with pain and distention in the breasts due to stagnation in the channels and collaterals.

Dong Kui Zi moistens the intestines and is used in formula to treat constipation (and is especially effective when frequent urination is also presenting as a symptom).

**safety note—use with caution during pregnancy