Da Qing Yan — Halite — Halitum

Da Qing Yan

English Name: halite, rock salt

Pharmaceutical Name: Halitum

Medica Category: Herbs that Clear Heat and Cool Blood

Properties: The Chinese Herb Da Qing Yan enters the Heart, Kidney, and Urinary Bladder channels; it is salty in nature and cold in temperature.

What is Da Qing Yan?

The Chinese Herb Da Qing Yan is halite (aka rock salt), which is the mineral form of sodium chloride found in natural deposits throughout the world.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Da Qing Yan:

Da Qing Yan clears heat, cools the blood, improves the eyes, and moistens dryness. Clinically it can be used to address hematemesis, hematuria, bleeding gums, sore gums, toothache, dry stool, swelling and pain of eyes, and blepharitis ciliaris (soreness/inflammation of the eyelids)

safety/clinical notes:

Contraindicated in cases of edema.