Chi Xiao Dou – Aduki Bean – Semen Phaseoli

Chi Xiao Dou

English Name: phaseolus, rice bean, aduki bean

Literal translation: “red little bean”

Pharmaceutical Name: Semen Phaseoli

Medica Category: Water-Regulating and Damp-Resolving Herbs

Properties: Chi Xiao Dou enters the Heart and Small Intestine channels; it is sweet and sour in nature and neutral in temperature.

What is Chi Xiao Dou?:

The Chinese Herb Chi Xiao Dou is the legumes that comes from a warm-weather, twining vine common to warmer climes throughout China commonly known as rice beans or aduki beans (Vigna umbelatta– formerly known as Phaseolus calcaratus).

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Chi Xiao Dou:

Chi Xiao Dou promotes diuresis and reduces swelling to address generalized edema, ascites (and other abdominal swellings), and Leg qi with edema.

Chi Xiao Dou clears damp-heat and has a mild effect to address damp-heat jaundice.

Chi Xiao Dou eliminates heat-toxins and drains pus and can be used either internally or topically to address skin conditions such as erysipelas, lesions, and carbuncles.