Bai Bu – Stemona Root – Radix Stemonae

Bai Bu

English Name: stemona, sessile stemona root, Japanese stemona root, tuberous stemona root

Literal Translation: “hundred parts”

Pharmaceutical Name: Radix Stemonae

Medica Category: Cough- and Wheezing- Relieving Herbs

Properties: Bai Bu enters the Lung channel; it is sweet and bitter in nature and neutral in temperature.

What is Bai Bu?:

The Chinese Herb Bai Bu is the dried roots of one of three varieties of stemona vine (Stemona sessilifolia (Miq.) Franch. et. Sav.; Stemona Japonica (Miq.); Stemona tuberosa Lour.), which is a genus of climbing vines native to temperate climes throughout much of China. The roots are harvested in spring and autumn, cleaned, and blanched or steamed thoroughly before being used as medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Therapeutic Actions of Bai Bu:

Bai Bu moistens the Lung and stops cough. It was traditionally used to treat tuberculosis, and in modern times its therapeutic range has been expanded to address a wide variety of cough presentations (acute or chronic, cold or hot, excess or deficient—depending on the herbs with which it is combined in formula). Used alone, it is indicated for feeble cough associated with chronic respiratory disorders.

Bai Bu kills parasites and is used both internally and topically to address pinworms, intestinal parasites, and head or body lice.

–safety note:

Use with caution for persons with loose stools/Spleen deficiency.